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Top  Life Insurance Companies  in USA : Life insurance is a contract for transferring the financial risk of a premature death in exchange for a premature death of a specified life insurance company between an insured person and a life insurance company. Three basic components of life insurance contract are death benefit, premium payment and permanent life insurance, a cash pricing calculation. Here you can see the name of top Insurance companies  which are below :





Mutual of Omaha

North American Company





1. AIG

AIG - Newscrane

‘AIG American General Life Insurance Company’, Life Insurance Company of AIG. AGLA is the right choice for many because the company is “All Business Jack” in the ‘life insurance industry’. It is demonstrated by the flexible development of the company, the competitive prices that are generally below the industry average, and they have exceptional customer service.

The following strengths helped a leading company by the AIL-owned American General Rank.

Good careers for high risk applicants, such as those who are looking for diabetic life insurance.

You can tie your tenure for a specific length between 15 to 30 years between 16 to 17 years, 18, 19 etc. This is a 35-year premium “life insurance policy” with a return.

Excellent living riders, with an accelerated death facility radar free.

An ADB Ryder works like this: If you get sick permanently, you can get a part of your living benefits, when you are still alive, which can be used for the bill, hospital, or any other need.

The AIG Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GEL) offer a minimum price of 121 years less. This is a fixed premium policy that becomes completely free at the age of 121. If you die before the age, it pays the full face amount. If you have crossed the age, you can cash the policy for a full face amount. This business is a great option for succession plans, such as funding a purchase sale deal with life insurance.

AIG History

The AIG story began in China in the year 1912, when the American Cornelius Vander Starr started an insurance company in Shanghai. Undertaking right off the bat crosswise over China, at that point on the planet, with each new market and culture, we made our understanding profundity of hazard and the inventive method for conveying an incentive to our customers.

AIG Sponsorships

AIG is a sponsored organization that wants to build and secure a better future.

We are select agencies that share our values of diversity and values. Learn more about our company, sponsorship requirements and submit your offer so that we can work to create a better place in the world.

AIG Art and Culture Sponsorships

We are proud to support the cultural organization of the community where we live and work. We believe that there are no limitations that can be made and invented in fields of creative and performing arts.

Our partnership with the museum around the globe enables more people and our employees to gain experience of art and culture in all regions, nationalities and cultures.

Sports Sponsorships

There is a passion for diversity, coherence and achievement in AIIG and sports culture. Why we support such global sports as rugby and youth programs such as rugby in the United States, Japanese Rugby Federation and Rookie Rugby and a box in rugby.

Since 2012, the AIG has also been a proud global sponsorship partner and New Zealand rugby and official insurance partner with legendary all black. Before we won the World Championship for the second time in 2015, we have mirrored ourselves with appreciation and skill.


Assurity- Newscrane

Assurance Life is a mutual insurance company, which means the company’s main priority is not to its policy holders – not a shareholder. This is a big deal, especially if you are considering the entire life insurance of the company’s participant.

Life Scapes Whole Life Insurance

It is a full life insurance policy with full premium policy throughout life policy.

As a complete life insurance policy, the policy creates a cash prize and the rest of your life will be paid until the premium is paid.

The children ages 0-85 years of available age start at $ 10,000.

3. Banner Life.

BannerLife - Newscrane

Would a top 10 list of the best life insurance companies in the US be without banners? Owned by the parent and legal entities, Banner Life is one of our favorite carriers for legal and general’s flagship life insurance companies in the US and to write; Not just because of their + rating, but because of their exceptional service and value.

Banners are usually one of the lowest-priced insurance products available to our clients. And what’s good about them is that they are generally quite generous in the underwriting. Banner Life’s Power:

Typically type 2 diabetes for high risk application and good carrier for type 1 diabetics.

Banner life policy is renewable and the 95 year old convertible.

Excellent value on table rates (such as higher risk life insurance rates below).

Banner Life offers an Accelerated Death Benefit Ryder free of charge.

Banner Headquarters:  Frederick, Maryland, United States

Founded:  1949

4. MetLife

MetLife Foundation –

MetLife- Newscrane

MetLife is established in an easy, capable knowledge: everyone expected to get the right budgetary apparatuses for completing their purpose in 2013, this understanding enlivened the Refocus MetLife Foundation to make its gift toward the financial consideration. So in order to support his vision and purpose, we have earned a billion dollars for a long time established for access to secure and reasonable budget items and administration for the long-term public and family; The MetLife foundation relies on that target of $ 100 million more than subsidy.

 Since its creation in 1976, a $ 700 million allow has been had to fabricate a constructive outcome for the general population, family and group through the Metal Life Foundation.

MetLife is one of North America’s biggest extra security organizations for genuine business associations. The organization gloats a phenomenal notoriety because of money related quality and extraordinary client benefit. At the point when organizations vie for evaluating, they generally fit an incredible fit.

According to March 2017, retail parts of Metal Life will now be sold under Bright house Financial.


Bright house offers a variety of product lines, including:

Guarantee Full Life Insurance

Simplified problem life insurance

Universal life insurance

Periodic life insurance

Whole life insurance

Like MetLife for Active Military Staff

MetLife should certainly be considered for any diabetic type 1 diabetic.


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