Top Life Insurance Companies in USA Part – 2

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Top Life Insurance Companies in USA Part – 2

“Top Life Insurance Companies in USA” : Here you can get the six ‘all American life insurance online’ knowledge. Here you can see the name of top Insurance companies which are below:





Mutual of Omaha

North American Company





5. Mutual of Omaha

One of the best favors is the company’s Fit Underwriting Credit Program, which gives the clients the advantage of being generally below the below standard criteria. Good life insurance companies usually have some tasty credit programs, and the MAO is no exception. The company offers 14 lifestyle and health credits. If a client possesses three or more credits identified as a credit then the client may be eligible for a good rate class, up to two table ratings.

Simplified issues, term life, public life, and whole life insurance products are available. One of the most popular policies is the company’s living commitment to the whole life.

The whole life of living promise: age 45-85 (80 for grade plan). The available face amount is $ 2,000- $ 40,000, where applicable. Grade and non-classified plans available in most  states. Grade Benefit for $ 2,000- $ 20,000

6. North American Company

The North American company quickly gained popularity, providing the best life insurance in 2017. And the name does not make you fool, because the life and health insurance of North American companies do not stop your tongue, it does not mean that you should not consider when you decide who to apply for coverage.

As a private-owned insurance provider, the North American company has firmly shown that through investing money in secured and stable assets, it can maintain the highest rating among financial strength and stability.


Great value for fixed age  brackets.

Solid product lines offer some of the best life insurance policies, including:

Vital life (with simplistic problems) , universal life and indexed universal life.

Exceptional  customer service.

7. Protective

The listing is complete if a top 10 life insurance company listed in the US does not include a fully protected life. The motto of which you just love a company is: “Right thing, serve the people, structure the trust and simplify everything.” And they are doing it the way since 1907.

Now that they are almost always throwing the minimum value in the Time Life Insurance career industry and it should not be difficult to think of a situation when the defensive is considered at least the best choice.


Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance experts offer Gell as a substitute for 10, 15, 20 or 30 year terms. Once the policy expires, the face of the decreasing face continues at the same price.

Extremely competitive prices are usually one of the most affordable – if not the most affordable options available.

Income Rider : Optional rider which reduces life insurance premium because it does not provide death benefit over time. It is wonderful for parents that their children do not want to get a one-way fund, but spread it up to 30 years.

8. Prudential

Prudential, Pruco, or, “Rock”, is one of the best companies that everyone has heard; everyone knows and works comfortably with everyone.

We especially like Pruco Life Insurance Company because they have decided to make a definite decision to dominate specific “Encyclopedia” within the life insurance industry. The company does this by separating themselves from the flock by taking the lowest price for certain lifestyle and health and by taking specific auditing guidelines specifically:

Travel locales

Tobacco Use

Cancer Survivors




Creative underwriting.

Solid product line.

Non U.S. Resident Life Insurance.

Prudentially an applicant will not use the actual age to determine the true age or premium, rather than based or down based on the birthday application date. This is a common practice in the life insurance industry that is known as “insurance age” versus “actual age” where your last birthday is six months and six months more, most of the companies will be over one year old.


Self-declared “No Nonsense Life Insurance Company”, SBI is not in our experience. Known as a customer-centered life insurance carrier known around the world, SBI thinks that it has used its small size to provide small customer service and especially for those who want the lowest life insurance  rate. To pay on an annual  basis.

The accelerated underwriting word of SBLI is cutting edge of the life policy.

Guaranteed level premiums provide insurance without investment in-home visits

Available up to $ 500,000 Term Life

Available for 18-60 years old

10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year term guarantee terms

Fast and convenient application process

Great customer service

Price – especially when premium is paid annually.

SBIL offers an annual renewable term (ART) product for those who are searching for a short time, who want to meet the SBA loan requirement, such as life insurance.

10. Transamerica


The bookmark is at the end of our top ten life insurance companies list. Famous for its trademark pyramid, Transamerica Life Insurance is sure to “go” companies, especially for older clients.

The company’s lifecycle life insurance comes in three flavors: with a median life limit of $ 249,999; Premium return with expiry date, and fully written life insurance policy in terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.

Transamerica provides complete and universal life insurance.



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